Peru Libre expels the vice president of the country from its ranks for indiscipline

The Peru Libre presidential formation has expelled the country’s vice president, Dina Boluarte, from its ranks for indiscipline after statements made by the president in which she distanced herself from the party’s ideology.

Thus, the Disciplinary Council of the Regional Executive Committee of Metropolitan Lima of Free Peru has agreed to the “expulsion for serious misconduct” of Boluarte, motivated by “the affection and breakdown of the partisan unity” of the formation, as well as the “discredit of its leaders and affiliates,” according to a party statement.

In this sense, the leader of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, has celebrated this decision on his social networks, where he has asserted that the measure has been taken due to the “indiscipline” of Boluarte and has exclaimed: “Always loyal, never traitors” .

This weekend, the Peruvian vice president stated in an interview for the newspaper ‘La República’ that she had “never” “embraced” the ideology of Peru Libre, after which both Cerrón and former prime minister Guido Bellido came out to criticize to Boluarte for “opportunism” and incoherence.

“If a politician does not agree with the program and ideology of a political party that opens doors for him, and despite this he joins, then his intention is not to serve the people, but rather him or herself. Harming the hopes of the voters toward change,” remarked Bellido.


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