The mayor of New York asks to stop the violence after a series of shootings

The newly appointed mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has asked the federal government this Saturday for help to “stop the flow of weapons” in the city, after the death of police officer Jason Rivera in a shooting this Friday in which he was also injured. another agent.

“We have witnessed deficiencies at the federal level to stop the flow of weapons in this city,” said Eric Adams, mayor of New York, according to the CBS News network.

“Tonight, we mourn Officer Jason Rivera. We pray for Officer Wilbert Mora. And we stand together as a city to end gun violence and make our streets safe for all New Yorkers.” on his Twitter profile.

Adams has met this Saturday with politicians and other representatives of crisis management organizations to propose solutions to the violence that affects the city of New York.

For their part, the organizations have assured that they are working on it but must deal with the bureaucracy of the agencies, which makes their work difficult.

In 2021, 488 homicides were reported in New York, 4.3 percent more than in 2020, according to Police data.


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