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Piqué calls the former candidate Freixa “scoundrel” in another fight in networks

The FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué called the former presidential candidate Toni Freixa a “scoundrel” after the latter published the footballer’s ‘menu’ and in a new fight between the two on social networks.

“You were wrong with the steak … it was sausage. The rest is fine. And now I will do a tonic to your health. You can now delete the tweets, scoundrel,” he dedicated Piqué to Freixa on the networks.

A message in direct response to a post already deleted by Freixa, but seen and replicated by Piqué. “Entrecote with French fries, fried egg, beer to drink and a crepe with nutella. Can you imagine a professional soccer player eating this? I’m saying one huh, not generalizing,” said the former candidate.

And that specifying ‘one eh, not generalizing’ comes from the previous brawl, when Toni Freixa made the following comment in a thread about the renewal of Ousmane Dembélé. “That’s how the players are. No surprise to me. To think that I would renew downwards to allow the registration of a recently signed player who plays in the same position, is firework,” said Freixa.

Gerard Piqué entered the rag asking not to generalize, because he lowered his salary so that he could sign up for Memphis Depay or Eric Garcia. “Do not generalize with the ‘that’s how the players are.’ elections, being third after Víctor Font.

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