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Daniel Ortega will take office on January 10 celebrating that he has “defeated the devil” in Nicaragua

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, will start a new term on January 10 that, in the words of his wife and vice president, Rosario Murillo, comes after having “defeated the devil”, alluding to the alleged “conflict” that the Government attributed to internal opposition.

Ortega was reelected on November 7, in an election marked by the absence of significant rivals after the imprisonment of dozens of opponents, including several presidential candidates. Sandinismo also expanded its control in the National Assembly.

The new deputies will take office on Sunday, while Ortega’s act is scheduled for Monday, with a series of acts that will include a symbolic event in the central Plaza de la Revolución in Managua. “There we will all be raising up with pride because we have conquered evil, hatred,” said Murillo, according to Radio Nicaragua.

“We all know how the devil manifested himself in those unfortunate days,” continued the vice president, who has vindicated the “pride of being Nicaraguans” and the defense of “dignity and national sovereignty.” “We are ready to assume all together, to go forward all together, (in) this new period,” she pointed out.

The new period will mark the political life of Nicaragua in principle until 2026, without for now Ortega has shown any concession to those who criticize him, neither from within nor from outside the Central American country. The Organization of American States (OAS) questioned the legitimacy of the last electoral process, as well as the European Union and Spain.

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