Instagram will tell you if the social network is down directly from the app


Instagram wants users to understand what the situation is when the social network suffers some kind of problem, such as a drop in the service that prevents it from being used, without having to resort to other platforms, and therefore it will notify it directly from the application.

The technology company is testing a new feature that will report a drop in service or technical problems in the activity feed. The test has started in the United States, and will run over several months.

With this function, for company you want users to understand what happens from the direct explanations of the company, without having to go to other services, as occurs for example with Twitter, the social network that users seem to go to when they fail the services of Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

The notification will also inform you of the solution to the problem. Instagram, however, clarifies in a statement that they will not send a notification every time there is a service outage, but when they see “that people are confused and looking for answers.”

Along with this notification, the company has also announced the ‘account status’, a new tool with which it will inform the user if their account can be disabled, because their activity goes against the platform’s guidelines.


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