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Sabrina, the Netflix witch, coming to Riverdale in season 6

The fifth season of Riverdale has just come to an end, however, fans of the series will not have to wait long to reconnect with Archie and his friends, since the series will not only return very soon, but will also return from the hand of a character that will turn everything upside down: Sabrina Spellman.

Actress Kiernan Shipka, who gave life to the witch in the Netflix series, has shared moments after the end of the last chapter of the series a revealing post on Instagram. In it, the interpreter announces her participation in the next batch of episodes with the phrase: “From Greendale to Riverdale, see you in season 6.”

The end of her own series was especially controversial, since after the witch died, her boyfriend, Nick, took his own life to reunite with his beloved and be together forever in the afterlife. This resolution uncovered the controversy, since it was understood as a dangerous way to romanticize suicide, whose effect on young audiences could be extremely harmful.

With this crossover, highly anticipated by fans of both series, Shipka will have a chance to redeem Sabrina from that bittersweet conclusion. The sixth season of Riverdale will arrive on November 16.

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