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Joaquin Phoenix opens the door to Joker 2: “There is much more to explore”

Since Joker became a hit almost immediately upon its arrival in theaters in 2019, rumors surrounding a possible sequel have not stopped. After the recent information that ensured that the continuation was already underway, Joaquin Phoenix himself, the protagonist of the first film, has spoken out about the possible return of the character of Arthur Fleck.

Recently, Production Weekly published that a sequel to the film had already begun to develop and that it will feature, not only Phoenix, but the director of the first installment, Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese as producer. An information that, although it is not confirmed, is more than a rumor, and for which the medium The Playlist has asked the interpreter.

“I don’t know,” Phoenix said before noting that since filming began, both he and Phillips thought “he’s an interesting guy, there are several things we can do with him and much more to explore.”

Although the interpreter has not said so explicitly, he seems to have made it clear that the idea of ​​retaking the role with which he won the Oscar for best leading actor does not displease him at all.

Joker managed to raise more than a billion dollars in cinemas around the world, with an approximate budget of only 55 million, which was a resounding success for Warner Bros from the outset. The support of the public accompanied him in this This is the case of the critics, who mostly applauded this unique approach to the character and his origins and also the awards, since Phoenix won the Oscar for best leading actor thanks to this work. Therefore, it is not surprising that the studio is interested in making a sequel to the film.

Whether this second installment ends up materializing or not, what is certain is that Joaquin Phoenix has several projects that will hit theaters much earlier. Currently in production is his next film, Disappointment Blvd., directed by Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar) and in which he will return to give life to a character in his lowest hours. The interpreter has also been signed by Ridley Scott to give life to Napoleon in a biopic entitled Kitbag.

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