Amazon Launches Ring Camera Security Drone

Dron con cámara de seguridad Ring Always Home Cam. RING 29/9/2021

Ring, the Amazon company specializing in smart security products, has launched its Always Home Cam security drone, a home surveillance product that has already arrived in the United States.

Ring’s Always Home Cam, which had been unveiled for a year and reappeared at Amazon’s hardware show on Tuesday, is a new home security camera format that flies around.

This drone employs a combination of active sensors and advanced navigation algorithms to fly on custom routes configured by the user within the home.

Its main function, as described by its manufacturer, is to investigate when another of Ring’s alarms detects unusual movement and issues an alert, checking the area and the home.

Now, as the Amazon brand has announced in a statement, this device can already be reserved from this Tuesday, although only by invitation and only for users in the United States.


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