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Andrew Cuomo resigns as governor of New York after harassment allegations

He rejects the accusations and alleges that he wants to avoid “political and legal controversies”

Biden respects Cuomo's decision and highlights his "great job" as governor.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will resign within 14 days to avoid what he considers to be “months of political and legal controversy” stemming from investigations against him for alleged sexual harassment, which he has called into question. despite the fact that at the same time he assumes his “full responsibility” if any woman was bothered by his attitudes.

“Given the circumstances, the best thing I can do to help is to step aside and let the Government return to govern,” Cuomo said in his first public appearance after the announcement by the Prosecutor’s Office of some investigations that have questioned his I deal with the women around him during the last years.

Cuomo has explained that at a time like the present, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, “the government has to be working” and you cannot “waste energy on distractions”, anticipating what is to come if they continue to go out to the light new testimonies and the judicial fence on him tightens. In two weeks, he will take over his current ‘number two’ Kathy Hochul.

The governor has apologized if any woman has been offended by his behavior, but has alleged that the prosecution’s report, which refers to eleven alleged victims, is “false.” In this sense, he has recognized that his initial “instinct” was to “fight” against a cause that he considers “politically motivated”.

Cuomo has addressed his daughters to apologize: “Your father has made mistakes.” However, he has wanted to make it clear that he “intentionally” never “disrespected” any woman, contrary to the versions that have been known in recent days.

Regarding his behavior, he believes that it could have been “inconsiderate”, but not that it amounted to harassment, a thesis that has also been defended by his lawyer, Rita Glavin, in an appearance prior to that of the governor and in which he has accused the state prosecutor , Letitia James, of omitting key facts in a report made from 179 interviews and 74,000 tests.

“Yes, he hugged (women) as he does with many of his employees and yes, he was able to kiss them. The governor has said time and again that he did not touch,” Glavin has argued before the media, according to the Bloomberg agency. . Investigators, she added, “have acted as prosecutors, judge and jury” in this high-profile case, which predictably ends Cuomo’s career.

Asked about Cuomo’s decision, hours later the president of the United States, Joe Biden, has indicated from the White House that he respects the decision made by the governor, of whom he has highlighted his “great work” during these two years by front of the state of New York.

“I think he has done a great job, from the access to the elections, through the infrastructures and a whole range of things. That is why it is so sad,” said Biden, who had to clarify later that he was referring to the Cuomo’s policies these years and not to the accusations, pointing out that the victims have his full support.

Shortly after, the White House press officer, Jen Psaki, had to go out to clarify a bit more these statements by Biden, explaining that the president of the United States was answering “a specific question” about the infrastructure policies of Cuomo.

“He has also made it clear that it was appropriate for Cuomo to resign and has reiterated his support for women who step up and made it clear that personal behavior cannot be separated from work,” Psaki explained on Twitter.

Likewise, Psaki has praised the “bravery” of the women who denounced Cuomo. “This story is about the brave women who stepped forward and told their stories that the prosecution’s investigation has allowed,” she has said, adding that Biden has not spoken with Cuomo and there are no plans for it.

On the other hand, he has referred to the future first governor of New York. “We look forward to working with her and a variety of New York officials to continue to help the people of this state as we work to fight the pandemic, get people back to work, and show people the government can work.” manifested.

The 63-year-old governor and minister during the Bill Clinton Administration risks being indicted with criminal charges, as well as impeachment proceedings that had also increased pressure on the Democratic Party. With the current pressure, and despite his surviving the trial in the state Congress, Cuomo already had a difficult reelection in 2022.

The judicial committee of the State Assembly, which is studying whether to proceed with the impeachment of the Democrat, is scheduled to meet next Monday to discuss this issue.

Apart from the allegations of harassment, the Democratic leader had also been plagued by other scandals, including the alleged cover-up of the death toll in nursing homes during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he gave wheels of daily press and stood as the antithesis of the White House, then led by Republican Donald Trump.

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