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The Haitian ambassador calls for the assassination of the president to be “a turning point” towards “cohesion”

“We have to work so that democracy and the law prevail,” he underlines.

The Haitian ambassador to Spain, Louis Marie Montfort, has condemned the assassination this Thursday of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise, and hopes that “democracy will prevail” over any political difference, for which he trusts that the assassination will serve at least as a “turning point” towards the desired social “cohesion”.

“We did not expect such news,” Montfort acknowledged, in an interview with Europa Press hours after Haiti’s interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, confirmed the murder of Moise during an assault on his private residence in the Pétionville area. , in the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince.

The ambassador, who has recognized himself affected by the news, stressed that “civic life is sacred” and that “the democratic game must not reach this point”, which plunges Haiti into a new scenario of political uncertainty and aggravates a spiral of tensions that in theory should be resolved with the elections.

The assassination of the president, according to Montfort, may be “a turning point.” “For all Haitians to realize that we have been fighting each other for a long time. We have to put aside our differences to move towards a truly democratic nation,” he added.

In this sense, he has called for “collective conscience”, in such a way that it is possible that all political and social actors can “work on disagreements” without reaching situations such as the one experienced this Thursday: “We have to work so that the democracy prevails, so that the law also prevails “.

The death of Moise has left a kind of “presidential vacuum” that coincides with the absence of an elected Parliament and a weakened government, with a prime minister, Claude Joseph, still in office awaiting the completion of a succession announced so long ago. Just a few days.

Montfort has pointed out that “it is the first time” that Haiti has experienced such a situation, but has indicated that the current Constitution already contemplates that it is the prime minister who is “in charge of running the country”, which for now leaves Joseph – -former ambassador to Spain- as ‘de facto’ president waiting for the situation to be resolved.

The prime minister, in fact, has already called for “calm” and has taken the reins of contacts with the different parties. “We hope that the population remains calm while the Police and Justice continue to do their job,” Montfort agreed in his interview.

“The country has to move forward,” he added, trusting in the perspective that the electoral calendar prepared by Moise and that proposes elections in September can give. The Haitian representative in Spain believes that these elections continue to be “the door” to political stability and has stressed that “the people are sovereign.”

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