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YouTube bans gambling, political content and alcohol ads on its home page

YouTube has prohibited the appearance of ads related to gambling, elections, political content, alcohol and drugs in the spaces intended for advertising at the top of its home page, a change that affects one of the most visited pages of the video platform .

The information was advanced this Monday by Axios, which has indicated that some political content that does not support candidates may appear, but will be reviewed “case by case” by YouTube.

Google has added information about the changes to its support page, where it now notes that the new ‘banned categories’ at the top of YouTube’s main page are gambling, elections and political content, alcohol and related terms. with medications.

The category of bets includes the representation or reference to content related to betting of the ‘online’ or ‘offline’ type, as well as games that are casino or not. Another type prohibited with advertisements that relate to prescription drugs.

The same happens with the contents that represent or refer to content related to alcohol, and add those advertisements that promote the sale of alcohol or those that advertise or report on alcoholic beverages to the label of prohibited content.

Google notes that “this ad type (located at the top of the home page) is the most prominent Google ad placement available to advertisers.”

The company clarifies that although the aforementioned advertisements are prohibited on this site, they may continue to appear on other advertising sites. Thus, YouTube will review each ad at the top of the home page to meet the new requirements, but these do not apply in the same way to the rest of the platform.

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