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Twitter will create song lists with Billboard based on your success on the social network

Twitter has announced the creation with Billboard of a series of daily update lists of song hits based on the conversations of the social network itself, as well as other partnerships with music, sports, video game, fashion and food companies.

The information has been collected by Engadget and shared within the framework of the Digital Content NewFronts event, where Twitter has also announced a partnership with companies such as Genius, Refinery29, Tastemade, MLB, NBC, NHL, WNBA, Riot Games and NBCUniversal News.

Bloomberg reported on Twitter and Billboard’s deal to create a ranking of the most popular songs based on their success in Twitter conversations. The list of songs, music, videos and editorial content will be named Billboard Hot Trending.

The list will be updated every 24 hours, it will include new or old songs, and users will be able to access it through “innovative training announcements that will take place on Twitter and Billboard,” according to Twitter at the event.

The inclusion of the songs will be guided by its success in Twitter conversations, a fact that makes it one of the first Billboard charts to not be guided by the number of listeners of the songs, according to Bloomberg.

The association with Genius, a company specialized in collecting song lyrics and explaining their meaning through the contributions of users and musicians, will allow “expanding the audience” with the show ‘Verified’, where the artists themselves talk about the meaning of their subjects.

In addition, they will promote content aimed at the community of black and Latino women through a partnership with the fashion website Refinery29, and will create two food franchises from the Tastemade company.

The partnerships will generate sports and gaming content thanks to the expansion of the already existing collaboration with MLB to generate live content on “important events”, according to Engadget, such as the T-Mobile Home Run Derby or the MLB at Field of Dream ; and new deals with NHL, WNBA, Riot Games and NBCUniversal News.

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