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George Floyd’s trial continues with new images of what happened after his death

New images of the camera carried by the police officer, Dereck Chauvin, accused of killing George Floyd have been revealed this Wednesday during the trial in which Chauvin faces sentences of up to 40 years in prison.

The new images show how, after Floyd’s death, Chauvin returns to the patrol car and interacts with a witness who rebukes him.

“What I have seen is wrong,” said Charles McMillan, a 61-year-old witness who testified in the third session of the trial.

“That’s your personal opinion,” Chauvin snapped. “We have to control this man because he is a big guy. He is probably on to something,” added the former police officer, according to the US television network CNN.

In the moments leading up to his passing, Floyd can be heard saying that he is claustrophobic, calling his mother and warning that he cannot breathe.

In this session, Christopher Martin, the 19-year-old cashier who denounced that Floyd had given him a false $ 20 bill, has also testified through tears, who said he felt guilty about what happened.

Genevieve Hansen, an off-duty firefighter, has also testified that she accused the police of preventing her from helping the victim.

Floyd’s death last May sparked a flurry of demonstrations for racial equality in the United States last year.

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