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New York Governor enacts marijuana legalization

The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has promulgated this Wednesday the reform that legalizes the consumption of marijuana, “a historic day” that makes this territory the 16th in the United States to authorize and regulate this type of drug.

The reform has been possible after an agreement between Cuomo and state legislators and the governor wanted to thank on Twitter for “the tireless activism” that has led to this point, according to which those over 21 may have and use marijuana for recreational purposes without fear of retaliation.

In addition, state residents will be able to buy and grow up to six plants – three that have matured and three that have not – for personal consumption, as stated in the approved text.

The new regulation stipulates a 9 percent tax on cannabis sales, to which an additional 4 percent would have to be added to be distributed between municipal and county authorities. The authorities plan to raise $ 350 million a year in taxes alone and create an industry that could reach $ 4 billion.

A new office will supervise that the new measures generate the expected benefit, which for the time being will have consequences in the criminal sphere. As Cuomo recalled, “the law automatically removes prior marijuana convictions that would now be legal.”

A poll published in November by the Gallup firm showed that 68 percent of American adults were in favor of legalizing marijuana, 20 points more than in 2012, and in Washington there has also been a debate on a possible revision of the measures at the federal level.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is promoting a lifting of the current ban, reports the Bloomberg agency. US President Joe Biden has so far advocated decriminalizing cannabis – removing it from the black list of prohibited substances – which would be one step behind legalization.

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