Argentine Justice rules in favor of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in her lawsuit against Google

Former Argentine president (2007-2015).

Google will have to retain the Vice President’s details and allow IT expertise

The Argentine Justice has dismissed a Google appeal against the judicial measure that ordered it to keep all the data that led to the demand of the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, for the contents of the search engine of the technology company in which it appeared as “Thief of the Argentine Nation”, thus ruling in favor of the leader.

The ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice has thus ratified what was decided by the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber, which in December took as a “preliminary measure” that Google should “arbitrate the means to preserve the data associated with Fernández de Kirchner from the May 17, 2020 until the day the expertise is carried out, “according to Télam.

The expertise refers to the measure of the Chamber in the same resolution to carry out a computer expertise as “advance evidence” in the demand for “preliminary measures” presented by the former president, so Google must allow entry to its servers for the realization of it.

Specifically, the Justice has unanimously rejected the extraordinary appeal presented by Google because “it is not directed against a final sentence or comparable to such”.

Fernández decided to sue the company for having felt defamed when the search engine replaced his current position with “Thief of the Argentine Nation”, which, replicated by other spaces, generated “incalculable” damage.

In August 2020, when requesting advance proof, the vice president’s lawyer, Carlos Berardi, said that Google “published on its platform and under its responsibility false and offensive information” about Fernández, “tarnishing his name, image and honor.”


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