Biden says he will support laws that “make votes more accessible”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has argued with some Democrats during his trip to Atlanta this Friday about the growing wave of laws by Republicans in some states of the country that seek to restrict access to vote by certain groups.

“They discussed state legislation in Georgia and across the country that would make it difficult for people to vote, along with possible solutions to make voting more accessible,” said White House Undersecretary of Press Karine Jean-Pierre. it’s a statement.

“The president reaffirmed his commitment to reauthorize the electoral rights law and his firm belief that all eligible voters should be able to vote and that his vote is counted,” the statement said.

Democrats urgently call for federal action as Republican-run states have restricted access to voting after the 2020 election. Since that date, more than 250 bills have been introduced in 43 states that restrict access to the polls, according to ‘The Hill’.


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