The United States House of Representatives reauthorizes and expands the Violence Against Women Act


The House also passes a bill to award congressional medals to the Capitol and Washington police.

The United States House of Representatives has voted to reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act, although the proposal has been rejected by many Republicans as it contains provisions that address gun rights and victims’ access. LGTB to services.

With 244 votes in favor, the legislation will now have to be passed in the Senate, which has previously rejected it since it expired in 2018. This law, passed 26 years ago, is aimed at reducing domestic and sexual violence, although it expired after Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on changes to it.

“The delay is not an option,” said the president, Joe Biden, after the approval of this extension in a statement. The new project expands and strengthens services and protections for victims and survivors, according to ‘USA Today’.

It also includes provisions that would expand housing options for survivors, and allow tribal jurisdiction over non-native perpetrators of sexual violence on tribal lands.

Biden has applauded this approval and has assured that it is “one of the legislative achievements of which I am most proud”, since it was promoted when he was a senator.

“COVID-19 has only exacerbated the threat of intimate partner violence, creating a pandemic within a pandemic for countless women at risk of abuse. In short, it is an urgent crisis,” the president said. highlighting the urgency of its approval.

On the other hand, the House has also approved a bill to award congressional gold medals to the Capitol Police and the Washington Metropolitan Police department for protecting the Capitol and members of Congress during the seizure of the iconic building in the past. January 6th.

This measure must be compatible with another bill passed by the Upper House to honor Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, who led the assailants out of the Senate chamber.

The House bill also contemplates delivering a third gold medal to the Smithsonian Institution for display and research purposes, according to CNN. Only twelve Republicans finally voted against, compared to 413 in favor.

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