Alonso: “We need to unlock in the car the benefits that we do see in the factory”

The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Alpine) has acknowledged that they still “need a little to understand some things in the car” for the start of the World Championship next week, in the sense that they must “unlock” some benefits that they see “in the factory “and that they have not yet been able to confirm on the asphalt.

“We have had some good training sessions. In the end you focus a lot on your program, there is an infinite amount of things to try and you do not give much importance to the times or to your rivals because you do not know what they are doing at that moment. I think we are missing. work, we still need a little to understand some things in the car, try to find the benefits that we do see in the factory and that we still have to unlock on the track “, analyzed Alonso during the presentation held by DAZN, which opens at the broadcast of the championship.

In any case, the Asturian said that he is going “little by little”. “I am happy and whatever arrives in these first races arrives, I will enjoy it and squeeze it in each lap. I arrive with a very relaxed staging and wanting to enjoy every moment. We will try to put on a good show so that people enjoy their houses on Sundays, “he promised.

A week after the season starts at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Alpine are “ready with the last preparations” and Alonso has “a little physical exercise” left before officially returning to Formula 1 after two seasons enrolled in other competitions.

“I’ve been busy these last few years, it’s not that I’ve been on the couch at home, so I’ve missed F1 in a very marginal way. It’s been nice to go back to training, to work with these highly sophisticated teams with such a high level of skill. technology, driving these fantastic cars … I’m ready for the action, the start, the excitement of the first corners, the whole strategic framework of a race, the care of the tires, all those variants that make F1 very special ” , he indicated.

Finally, Alonso wished that “good races can be seen with such an ambitious 23-race calendar”, more than ever in the 70-year history of the competition. “Hopefully they can all be done and also with the public in a few months,” he confided.

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