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Facebook creates BARS, an app for rappers that helps create rhymes and songs

Facebook has created a new experimental app, BARS, that allows musicians and fans of rap music to create their own songs, both rhymes and music, and share them with others in a simple way.

The experimental app, developed by Facebook’s research and development division NPE Team in conjunction with a team of “emerging rappers,” seeks to provide an alternative to “high-priced recording studios and production teams” for those who don’t always have access all musicians, as reported by Facebook in a statement.

BARS, which is now available to iPhone mobile users on the App Store (upon invitation), includes a series of professionally created beats that users can use to form the basis of their rap songs.

The app automatically suggests which rhythms to use while writing song lyrics, to improve composition, and also helps writing with rhyming word suggestions.

It also has other additional functions, such as a Freestyle mode with automatic suggestions and visual and audio filters to create music videos without the need for any experience.

BARS also makes it easier for users to share their music with other users, coinciding with the closure of most concert halls and live performances due to the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

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