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Biden and López Obrador analyze cooperation on migration and economic development in their first meeting

They emphasize that they are “stronger” when they work together and are committed to a “constant dialogue”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, and his Mexican counterpart, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, met this Monday by videoconference and discussed cooperation on migration and how to advance “joint efforts” to promote development. in southern Mexico and the Northern Triangle of Central America.

As both countries have specified in a statement, the conversation this Monday has passed in line with the one they had after the inauguration of Biden, so that the leaders have reaffirmed the “lasting association” of both territories, according to the mutual respect and the extraordinary bond of family and friendship “.

Biden has emphasized to his counterpart that the United States and Mexico “are stronger” when they are “united” and has stressed that, although they have not always been “perfect neighbors”, they have seen “power” and that they are “safer “when they work together.

In this regard, he has pointed to cooperation to “address the challenges of the shared border or to control this pandemic.”

“In the Obama-Biden Administration, we pledged to see Mexico as an equal, not as someone who is south of our border,” stressed the US president, to delve into that “what it does in Mexico and how it succeeds It will have a dramatic impact on what the rest of the hemisphere will be like. “

In this regard, López Obrador has highlighted the importance of bilateral relations being based on a “constant” and “periodic” dialogue and has trusted that these will be “even better” in the future.

“We are united by 3,180 kilometers of border. But not only geography unites us; we are also united by our economies, our trade, our culture and our friendship,” explained the Mexican leader, adding that integration will “strengthen” both countries “as we are faced with this inevitable expansion of other regions.”

Likewise, he has indicated that Mexico and the United States must cooperate for “a development based on independence and autonomy, enhancing what our peoples mean to us.”

After highlighting their purpose of cooperation, the leaders have recognized the “numerous contributions” of migrants to the “economic strength, cultural diversity and innovative spirit” of both countries, for which they have agreed on migration policies that focus on the ” dignity of migrants “and” orderly, safe and regular migration. “

In this context, they have opted to address the root causes of regional migration, as well as “improve migration management and develop legal avenues,” according to the joint communiqué of the Administrations.

At the meeting, the US State Department and the Mexican Foreign Ministry were ordered to “engage with neighboring governments, civil society, and the private sector through policies that” promote equitable and sustainable economic development, combat corruption and improve police cooperation against transnational crime and smuggling networks. “

They have also pledged to fight the COVID-19 pandemic together, if Biden has not clarified whether the United States will send coronavirus vaccines to Mexico, a shipment that his Mexican counterpart has requested. “We are going to talk about that,” the US president answered before the meeting.

However, on the response to COVID-19, the presidents have clarified that work will be done in the areas of economic and health cooperation, with the improvement of the capacity of health systems, the exchange of information and the development of border policies .

The fight against corruption and joint work on security was another of the meeting’s themes, in which it was also agreed to revitalize economic cooperation, as well as explore areas of collaboration around climate change and energy efficiency.

Specifically, they have pointed to the strategic importance of the bilateral economic relationship and have reiterated their commitment to the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement as “the engine of prosperity and labor rights in North America in both countries by generating job opportunities, improve worker protection and prevent forced labor. “

Also, Biden and López Obrador have concluded to reinforce the “resilience and security” of the supply chain and have decided to restart the High Level Economic Dialogue to promote these objectives.

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