Renowned actor and film producer Vin Diesel supports tourism in the Dominican Republic

By: Elis Peralta.-

President Luis Abinader met on Thursday with the American actor and film producer Vin Diesel and several investors in the province of Puerto Plata.

The meeting took place in the municipality of Luperón, where the president attended a meeting with actor Vin Diesel and tourist investors, with whom he agreed to work on the creation of a nautical tourism department.

Vin Diesel, 53, was born in California but raised in New York. He is known for his portrayal of Dominic Toretto in the film saga The Fast and Furious and is very given to boast that he speaks “some Spanish”, due to his many contacts in that city.
“The Dominican Republic has been very successful managing mass tourism, now with the Pandemic we need to diversify, relaunch tourism and with yachts and sailboats we have a unique opportunity that we must take advantage of.

Nautical Tourism:

It is nothing more than an increasingly popular type of alternative tourism that is defined as active holidays in contact with water, through activities such as sailing on sailboats or yachts, as well as other recreational and sports activities that involve the enjoyment of nature in this environment. In addition, at the same time, nautical tourism is complemented with the enjoyment of the tourist and recreational offer that the Dominican Republic offers.

Nautical tourism can act as a driver of the economy of the area, since it implies the possibility that numerous companies can provide services for this target audience such as: sailboat rental, boat maintenance, nautical guides, jet ski rental , schools related to nautical sports etc …

In addition, developing the nautical tourism sector implies attracting tourists with high purchasing power that allow a growth in the sector that affects not only companies dedicated specifically to it, but also the rest of the economy of the area and other tourism products.

The Dominican Republic has a great infrastructure for this type of tourism unlike other sectors. Specifically, 69% of this tourism product is found in the Mediterranean Sea, and far from these figures, the Cantabrian Sea with 18% and the Atlantic 13%. The Canary Islands is the fifth autonomous community in terms of the number of nautical facilities.

Nautical tourism plays a fundamental role in the development of quality tourism in the Dominican Republic, since the Caribbean is one of the busiest area for pleasure boats in the world.

Tourism favors man’s contact with nature and with cultures, promotes the valorization of environmental resources and presents the beauties of creation as a common inheritance of the entire human family. (John Paul II)

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