Capitol shaman-bison wants to testify against Trump in impeachment-

Jacob Chansley’s attorney, known for participating in the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol with his face painted with the American flag and wearing a bison hair and horns hat, has revealed that he wants to testify against former President Donald Trump in impeachment or impeachment against him in Congress.

Chansley, known as the ‘shaman of QAnon’ and also identified as ‘Jake Angeli’, was “horribly enthralled” by Trump, but now he feels abandoned by the ex-president for not having amnestied them before the end of his term, the past January 20. “He feels betrayed by the president,” explained Chansley’s lawyer, Albert Watkins, in statements collected by CBS.

Watkins has indicated that he has not yet spoken to any senator about his representation offer. The impeachment trial begins in the week of February 8 and seeks primarily to disqualify Trump from a possible presidential candidacy in 2024.

Chansley and four other robbers of the Capitol who have been indicted for federal crimes could declare that they received orders from the now former president, which would incriminate him in the attack.

Specifically, Chansley is charged with obstruction of a public authority, disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct in a restricted-access building, demonstration in the Capitol building and other charges. Chansley is in custody awaiting trial.

Chansley is according to the Prosecutor’s Office a “self-proclaimed leader” of the far-right conspiratorial movement QAnon and has become the icon of the assault on the Capitol inspired by Trump, although the president himself reversed his support after the irruption.

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