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White House promises to “review” Trump’s policies toward Cuba

The White House has announced that it will “review” the policies followed by the previous Government, chaired by Donald Trump, in relation to Cuba, although for now the Joe Biden Administration has not confirmed that it will return to the lines established during the stage. of Barack Obama.

With Obama in the White House, Washington and Havana resumed their diplomatic relations and began an unprecedented rapprochement since the imposition of the North American blockade more than half a century ago. Trump, however, again opted for the heavy hand and tightened restrictions on political, economic or travel matters.

The spokeswoman for the current Presidency, Jen Psaki, assured at a press conference that Biden’s policy will be guided by “support for democracy and Human Rights” and by considering Americans, especially those of Cuban origin, as “the best ambassadors of freedom. “

“We will review the policies of the Trump Administration, as we are also doing in other areas of national security, to ensure that our approach follows those principles,” said Psaki, who nonetheless has avoided “predicting” what the way forward will be during the years. next months.

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, showed himself in December willing to discuss any issue with Biden, although he already made it clear that he would do so without yielding “not one iota” in the “revolution” initiated by Fidel Castro, after giving for the blockade policy of the last decades has failed.

The failure of US policy is “resounding and notorious”, in the words of Díaz-Canel, who during a speech before the Cuban Parliament criticized the desire to force Cuba to “kneel” with measures such as those adopted under the Trump Administration , including the limits on transactions or the application of the Helms-Burton Act.

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