Pelosi does not rule out reinforcing the security of Congress because “the enemy is inside the House”

The president of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, assured this Thursday that “probably” the security of the congressmen needs to be reinforced, since the threat is not only outside, but also “inside” the institutions.

“I believe, and have said it all the time, that we probably need greater security for members when the enemy is inside the House of Representatives, a threat that worries us in addition to what is happening outside,” she said.

Thus, she has indicated that not only Donald Trump “incited an insurrection”, but also, he has accused him, “he continues to fan the flame by endangering the safety of the members of Congress.”

In a press conference held this Thursday, Pelosi referred to the rhetoric of some Republican representatives and senators, who “want to bring arms to Congress and have already threatened other members” of the House.

These words from Pelosi refer to the claims that some Republican representatives, such as Andy Harris of Maryland and Lauren Boebert of Colorado, sued a week ago, who expressed their desire to bear arms within the House.

Harris, had to leave the Capitol headquarters after the metal detector alarms at the entrance went off. According to the US press, citing security sources in the building, the Maryland representative of the Republican Party was carrying a weapon, so an investigation is already underway.

Pelosi has also commented on the letter that was sent by about thirty congressmen both to her and to the leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, in which they were made aware of the concerns that exist within Congress in relation to to your safety.

In the text, this group of representatives, all of them Democrats except for one Republican – Fred Upton for Michigan – requested more flexibility to allocate their congressional appropriations on personal security, through the hiring of professional agents of the sector or local agents .

“While the United States Capitol is protected by its own Police with the support of strong security measures, including vehicle barriers and metal detectors, most members spend most of their time in their constituencies where security is often poor, “they pointed out.

Pelosi has explained that “most” of the lawsuits have already been dealt with and has assumed “responsibility” for him in the fact that these people were not aware of this situation.

This letter marks the umpteenth move by a part of the United States Congress, which feels vulnerable when traveling outside of Washington, to address the security of the Capitol, deficient after the riots and the assault on its headquarters by hundreds of supporters of Donald Trump on January 6.

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