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Arrested in Florida the assailant photographed with a lectern during the raid on the Capitol

Florida Police have arrested the assailant photographed Wednesday during the assault on the Capitol and while he was carrying with him, saluting the camera, the lectern of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Adam Christian Johnson, 36, was booked shortly after 9:00 p.m. Friday and is being held on a federal warrant awaiting trial, according to jail records, the ‘Tampa Bay Times’ reports.

In addition to the viral photo on the lectern, Johnson also broadcast a video live on Facebook as he walked the halls of the Capitol. His Facebook page was later removed.

Johnson lives in Parrish with his wife and five children, according to the ‘Bradenton Herald’ and had been under search and capture for two days after being identified by his neighbors as the man who stole Pelosi’s lectern and starred in one of the most iconic images of the assault to the Capitol.

This Friday, another visible head of the mob that entered Congress was arrested: the man who was photographed at Pelosi’s desk, identified as Richard Barnett and from Arkansas, in the town of Little Rock, located in the state of origin of he.

Barnett, whose photograph on Pelosi’s desk also went ‘viral’, has been charged with knowingly entering and staying in a building with restricted access without authorization, violent break-in and scandalous conduct on Capitol grounds and theft of public property, according to has reported the television network CNN.

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