Pope says Christmas can remove “pessimism” that has spread the pandemic

The Pope has pointed out that Christmas is capable of removing “the pessimism” that “has spread the pandemic” in the world during his last general audience of the year, held without faithful in the Vatican Apostolic Library, a day before the pontiff celebrates the mass of the Rooster with which the liturgical celebrations that commemorate the arrival of Jesus to the world begin.

“We receive this gift of grace through the simplicity and humanity of Christmas, and it can remove from our hearts and minds the pessimism, which today has spread due to the pandemic,” the Holy Father stressed during his catechesis. .

The Pontiff has confirmed that the pandemic has forced society “to be more distant”, but has set an example of Jesus who in the manger “shows the path of tenderness to be close” and “to be human”.

And he added: “We can overcome that disturbing sense of loss, not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by defeats and failures, in the rediscovered consciousness that this humble and poor Child, hidden and defenseless, is God himself, made man by us.”

In this way, the Pope has influenced the goodness of God “who has come” to meet men to communicate “the Truth that saves” and make them “participants in his friendship and his life.”

In his reflections, he has also revealed that he met a few days ago with a group of scientists and that he raised the question of robots, artificial intelligence and their limitations. “Robots can never be capable of tenderness. God has come into the world for tenderness (…)”, the Pope stressed.


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