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The Electoral College confirms Biden’s victory in the US presidential elections

The Electoral College confirmed this Monday the victory of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in the presidential elections on November 3. This body is the one that indirectly elects the president with the block vote of the electors elected in each state.

Specifically, Biden has already obtained 302 of the 538 Electoral College votes, above the 270 needed to obtain a majority, and far from the 232 obtained by the outgoing president and candidate for reelection, Donald Trump. Biden is expected to add 306 votes in total.

Each state gathers its electors normally in the Capitol to vote according to the system established by the state legislation and at the time decided by its authorities. Thus, after several hours of voting, the 55 votes from California have been the ones that have definitely tipped the balance in favor of Biden.

The vote of the 538 voters is normally a minor process, but the refusal of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, to accept his defeat has put all the focus on the process and on the protests of Trump supporters.

A state deputy in Michigan from Trump’s Republican Party who warned of the risk of violence in a recent interview and was immediately expelled from the commissions of which he was part by a decision of the leadership of the legislative body itself, controlled by the Republicans.

An internal communication for the workers of both legislative chambers of Michigan also announced that during Monday’s workday the work would be telematic for “security reasons.”

Other states have also increased security measures when calling for demonstrations and receiving threats. In Pennsylvania voters are escorted and in Arizona the state Electoral College meeting is held in a secret location.

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