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Biden asks to “turn the page” and stresses that neither the pandemic nor the “abuse of power” slows down democracy in the US

Biden applauds that the Supreme Court did not collaborate with Trump in his “assault” on democracy

Promises that he will be "a president for all" Americans.

The president-elect of the United States Joe Biden, has asked his compatriots to “turn the page” and unite in the face of the immediate challenges facing the country, during a speech delivered shortly after the US Electoral College confirmed his triumph in the presidential past and in which he stressed that neither the pandemic nor “the abuse of power” have slowed down democracy in the country.

“We the people vote. Faith in our institutions was maintained. The integrity of our elections remains intact. Now is the time to turn the page. Unite. Heal,” Biden said.

“Once again, in the United States, the rule of law, our Constitution and the will of the people prevailed. Our democracy, pressured, tested, threatened, proved to be resistant, true and strong,” he emphasized.

The future tenant of the White House has stated that “in the United States, politicians do not take power, the people grant it to them” and has assured that “the flame of democracy” cannot be extinguished either by a pandemic or by “an abuse of power”.

The Electoral College confirmed this Monday the victory of Biden by 306 electoral votes compared to the 232 obtained by the still president of the United States, Donald Trump, who over the weekend warned that he would fight in the courts to the end to reverse the result, despite the fact that there are already more than 50 claims rejected by the US justice system, including the Supreme Court.

Biden has also referred in his speech to what has also been Trump’s biggest judicial defeat since he began to spread his theories of electoral fraud, the refusal of the Supreme Court to admit the lawsuit filed by the attorney general of the state of Texas. , which sought to invalidate millions of votes.

The Democratic leader has criticized that a group of “elected officials” tried to erase through the Supreme Court “the votes of more than 20 million Americans” and thus “hand over the Presidency to a candidate who lost the electoral vote and the popular vote in each and every one of the states whose results they intended to reverse “.

“It is such an extreme position that we have never seen it before. A position that refused to respect the will of the people, refused to respect the rule of law and refused to honor our Constitution,” said Biden, who has seen the Supreme Court decision as “a clear signal to President Trump that they will not be part of an unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

The president-elect has also had words of appreciation for local officials and volunteers, who with their “work and effort” defended the election results, despite the “external pressure and threats” that many of them received, episodes that he hopes will do not happen again.

“One of the extraordinary things we saw this year was that ordinary Americans, our friends and neighbors, often volunteers, Democrats, Republicans, independents, demonstrated absolute courage, a deep and unwavering faith and a commitment to the law.” , Biden has praised.

“Our democracy survived thanks to them,” said the Democratic leader, who has promised that he will be “a president for all Americans” regardless of his ideological sign.

“I will work as hard for those of you who did not vote for me, as for those who did. There is an urgent task ahead,” said Biden in relation to the pandemic, the same day that the United States began with the vaccination process.

In that sense, Biden has explained that the first point will consist of “having the pandemic under control” through vaccination, as well as “providing immediate economic assistance” for those who need it, and then rebuilding the US economy “better than ever. “.

Since the very night of the November 3 elections, Trump has insisted that he had been the victim of a plot to remove him from the White House, despite the fact that at no time has he presented evidence of this alleged fraud, encouraged in the streets by his followers and by some staunch senators and governors of the Republican Party.

Biden has become the first president since George, W. Bush to win the electoral vote and also the popular one, obtaining some seven million more votes than Trump, who could not retain traditionally Republican strongholds like Georgia, which happened to be a Democrat almost 30 years later.

However, this state has yet to be the scene of a last electoral contest on January 5, in which the last two Senate seats are disputed in the second round and with it the control of the chamber in the face of upcoming legislative proposals .

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