Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismisses another lawsuit from Trump’s background against vote by mail

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has dismissed this Saturday a lawsuit against the vote by mail filed by the Republican Congressman in Pennsylvania Mike Kelly in what is yet another defeat for the environment of the US President, Donald Trump, in court.

In this particular case, the lawsuit has focused on the fact that the state of Pennsylvania had not correctly passed the law that allowed universal access to vote by mail, that is, ballots to vote by mail are sent to the voter’s homes without that this has to carry out a previous procedure.

For this reason, Kelly requested that all mail ballots, mostly Democrats, be canceled or that the state, in whose chambers Republicans have a majority, be allowed to select the voters who should go to the electoral college.

The Court has dismissed the case without leaving the possibility of appeal, as reported by the ABC television network. Among the reasons for doing so is that the law allowing universal mail voting was passed with a large majority in October 2019, so if Kelly thought it was illegal, she should have filed the lawsuit earlier.

In his car, Judge David N. Wecht has been tough on the plaintiffs whom he has accused of not being able to demonstrate “that a simple vote-by-mail was fraudulently counted.”

Despite the fact that his campaign exceeds thirty defeats in the courts, Trump continues to assure on Twitter and without proof that the November 3 elections were a fraud and that he is the real winner.


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