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Cuba authorizes its citizens to return to the island with an expired passport

The Cuban government has issued a permit so that, “exceptionally”, citizens residing in Cuba who are in other countries can return to the island “with their passport expired and without extension”, given the “negative socioeconomic impact” stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The measure “will be in force until further notice” and “contributes to facilitating the entry into the country of those compatriots who, due to the pandemic, have been unable to return to their places of habitual residence,” according to the note from the Ministry.

The exception does not affect citizens who reside permanently abroad, since “they must travel with their valid and current passport.” The Cuban authorities have therefore urged them to carry out the procedures at the nearest consulates to update the documentation.

Cuba has progressively lifted its restrictions in the face of the pandemic, also in transportation, as was evident on Sunday with the resumption of activities at the José Martí International Airport in Havana. Now, according to Foreign Affairs, “travel possibilities are being expanded.”

The Cuban government has announced the imposition of a “health fee” of $ 30 to defray the cost derived from the protocols established at airports. In addition, all travelers must undergo two PCR tests, one on arrival and another after five days of being on the island.

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