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Friends reunion has a new date for 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the Friends meeting to be delayed. After months of indefinite postponement, Matthew Perry has revealed that the unscripted HBO Max special will be filmed in March 2021.

“The Friends reunion is rescheduled for early March. We seem to have a very busy year. And that’s how I like it!” The actor tweeted. As The Hollywood Reporter qualifies, at the moment the exact recording date is unknown. If all goes according to plan, HBO Max will likely air the production in the spring.

The coronavirus pandemic delayed the first recording, scheduled for last March, until May. Then it was postponed again until August, but the COVID-19 crisis put the project on the air again. The six stars of the series and the directors of HBO Max want a face-to-face meeting in the old fiction house, Stage 24, so a virtual meeting is not in their plans.

“We haven’t all been in the same room, in front of people, I mean, we did it in private once many years ago, but that’s about it,” Lisa Kudrow told The Hollywood Reporter in May. “The point of all this is to be in the same room. That has not changed. And HBO Max is being incredibly patient and understanding,” he added.

“If everyone is healthy and tested, then we don’t have to be separated. Everyone who gets checked, so to speak, can sit next to each other on the couch. But the cast meeting and the series celebration definitely will happen, “he confirmed.

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