Warner shuffles delaying Wonder Woman 1984 to summer or releasing it in streaming

After several delays, Warner Bros. set the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 for December 25. In light of the advance of the second wave of the coronavirus, it seems that the studio is considering new launch options for the long-awaited film.

According to Deadline, WarnerMedia’s options include a simultaneous theatrical release and HBO Max on Christmas Day. Nothing is confirmed yet, and apparently the company may also choose to delay the theatrical release of the feature once again.

The publication informs that the premiere could be set for June 4, 2021, since the first installment was also released the first weekend of that same month in 2017. Since Warner Bros. they have not confirmed any of these possibilities, but they have emphasized that “Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters.”

Deadline notes that Warner proposed to theater owners to show the film on a limited basis, while the film could be viewed on video on demand. Ultimately this idea was scrapped by the studio.

At the moment it seems unlikely that the sequel directed by Patty Jenkins will premiere directly on streaming. The first installment raised $ 821.8 million worldwide. Deadline estimates that the second installment could fetch up to 1 billion, so Warner Bros. would not be willing to sacrifice that exorbitant box office and launch the film directly on HBO Max.

For now, and until Warner Bros. gives new details, Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on December 25, 2020.

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