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Latino vote underpins Trump’s victory in Florida

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has achieved in Florida one of the most symbolic victories of the election night, in part because of the support he has cultivated among a Latino community – especially those of Cuban origin – that does not lean monolithically on the side of the Democratic Party.

Trump has not hidden in his campaign actions his desire to appeal to the Hispanic community, considered the largest minority in the United States with some 32 million potential voters. In Florida alone it is estimated that there are more than four million Latinos, a quarter of the total population.

The exit polls show the success of the messages of the president’s campaign, which would have also drawn two Republican congressmen and which have allowed Trump to obtain the 29 electoral votes at stake in Florida, one of the considered ‘hinge states’ .

Miami-Dade County is the most populous county in the state and Trump has drastically improved the 2016 data on it, having gone from having some 334,000 votes to over 529,000 in four years. The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has achieved just over 613,000, below the data of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (624,000) in 2016, with the count concluded at 95 percent.

Cuban Americans make up a majority of Miami-Dade Latino voters and have voted 55 percent for Trump, according to exit polls by NBC News. Cuban-Americans are also the Hispanic group with the highest participation, at around 58 percent.

30 percent of citizens with origin in Puerto Rico have also spoken in favor of Trump, while in the group of “other Latinos” support for the president amounts to 48 percent. Thus, it is also estimated that Venezuelans have voted overwhelmingly for the president, while the levels of support for Trump have increased among Nicaraguans and Colombians.

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