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Biden and Trump maintain victory options with outcome of key states yet to be determined

The Democrat would lead in Wisconsin but the president leads him in Pennsylvania and Michigan, among others

Both the president, Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, still maintain their options of winning the victory with a good handful of states still intact due to the delay in the count due to the high number of votes cast by mail and in advance for these elections.

Right now, the projections of the mainstream media put Biden closer to reaching the magic number of 270 delegates in the Electoral College, the body that is ultimately in charge of electing the president in the United States.

Thus, the democrat has an estimate of between 238 and 224 delegates, according to the media, while the president would take 213 representatives, a figure that seems unanimous in all projections.

Biden’s victory in Arizona, a state that Trump won in 2016, has given him a ball of oxygen and could reach 270 votes in the Electoral College even without Pennsylvania, one of the hinge states in this election that experts consider as the key to the White House as it gives 20 votes. To do this, according to Bloomberg, he would need victory in Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Nevada.

In all of these states, there are still many unaccounted votes due to the significant number of votes by mail and early. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has indicated that one million votes are yet to be counted. “I promised the Pennsylvanians that we would count each and every one of the votes and this is what we are going to do,” he wrote on his Twitter.

“Our counties are working tirelessly to process the votes and as quickly and precisely as they can,” he defended, facing criticism for the slowness of the process. According to the media, Trump would currently lead in the recount, with around 56 percent of the votes, but once the early vote, predictably favorable to Biden, has been computed, the data could change.

As for Wisconsin, where there are 10 delegates at stake, Biden appears to have taken the lead now, with all the votes in Milwakee County, where the state’s largest city is located. If the current data is maintained, the Democrat could wrest the state from Trump, who won here in 2016 by just 22,000 votes.

In Michigan, authorities have already said that the count could be extended until Friday. Here, for now, the 16 delegates for the Electoral College would go to Trump, who is in the lead with 51.4 percent of the vote, according to Fox News.

In the case of Nevada, at the moment both candidates are very even, with a difference of only 8,000 votes. Here, Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, has already completed the counting of three-quarters of the votes, but it is unknown whether those remaining to be counted are in advance or in person, according to CNN. However, winning Nevada would not wrest support from Trump, since Hillary Clinton won here in 2016.

A victory in Georgia and North Carolina would also give Biden additional victory options, but in both states Trump is currently in the lead. Both positions confer a good handful of representatives in the Electoral College, 16 in the case of the first and 15 in the second.

As for Trump, his options are to win at least four of these five states: Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to Bloomberg. The president won them all in 2016 and if now Biden manages to snatch at least two of them – discounting North Carolina – then he would be proclaimed the winner.

But there is also a scenario in which the contest could be reduced to a single electoral vote or even reach a tie. Maine, one of the two states along with Nebraska that does not grant all its delegates to the most voted candidate and where one of the four delegates would still be distributed – the remaining three would be for Biden.

If Trump won that vote and lost Wisconsin and North Carolina, Bloomberg stresses, then the two candidates would have 269 electoral votes. In that case, the election of the president would go to the House of Representatives, where the delegation from each state has only one vote.

The forecasts are that if necessary, although the Democrats will have the majority of seats in the Lower House after these elections, there will be a majority of Republican delegations, which would give Trump a priori victory.

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