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YouTube, Twitter and Facebook take action against misinformation about US elections

The social networks Twitter and Facebook and the video platform YouTube have taken measures in the last hours to avoid misinformation about the results of the presidential elections in the United States, restricting the publications that give a candidate as a winner prematurely.

This Tuesday the presidential elections were held between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency of the United States. The results are tight and the recount continues beyond election night, with no confirmed winner in several of the states.

During this period of uncertainty, YouTube has removed “live videos that violate community standards”, as the platform announced on Twitter, responding to users who reported the presence of videos with thousands of views that gave false election results.

“We have established policies that prohibit spam, deceptive practices and montages, and we continue to monitor the content related to the elections in the periods before and after the voting,” has assured YouTube.

For its part, social networks have also taken measures against publications that misinform about the results of the elections in the North American country, such as Facebook and Instagram.

The Mark Zuckerberg company has added a notification on Facebook and Instagram that reminds users that “the votes are still being counted” and therefore there is no official winner yet.

The company began to display this information after Donald Trump proclaimed to have “won” the elections with the recount still in progress, but has ensured that he is “applying these labels to both candidates” who are prematurely victorious.

Twitter, for its part, has also taken action and has tagged a post by Trump that claimed that his rivals were “trying to steal the elections” and called for the counts to be stopped. Facebook has taken the same steps.

“We have placed a warning in a tweet from Donald Trump for making a potentially misleading statement about an election,” Twitter announced through its support account.

Users can view the content by accepting the warning message, but cannot like or reply to the tweet, while the retweet function can only be carried out by adding a comment, as the platform had already temporarily changed.

Twitter has also taken the same restrictions against other publications, such as one of one of Trump’s campaign managers, Mike Roman, who denounced electoral fraud in Philadelphia.

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