Biden faces the final stretch of the campaign with triple the funds that Trump

The Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, faces the final stretch of the campaign ahead of the November 3 elections with triple the funds of his Republican rival, President Donald Trump, which would consolidate the advantage that they also show polls.

According to the latest data from the Federal Elections Commission, Biden’s campaign had $ 177.3 million in the bank at the end of September, while Trump spent almost half of his cash that month, so he started October with 63.1 million.

The president had been enjoying a wide advantage in terms of funds during the campaign, but the situation seems to have reversed, and this despite the fact that in August he canceled part of the contracted advertisements.

According to Elections Commission reports, cited by Bloomberg, Biden’s campaign raised $ 281.6 million in September and spent $ 285 million, more than double that of Trump. The Republican raised $ 83.1 million last month and spent $ 139.3 million.

Trump’s broader activities, which include the Republican National Committee and two joint committees, raised $ 247.8 million in September, while the former vice president and the Democratic National Committee raised $ 383 million and say they have $ 432 million in the bank, versus to the 251.6 million of the committees for Trump’s re-election.

Last Friday, the Democratic candidate’s campaign announced that it plans to raise another 234 million dollars before November 3. If that figure is confirmed, Biden and the DNC would be able to raise 982 million in three months, a figure higher than the 942 million that Barack Obama received in his first campaign in 2008.


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