Trump keeps a bank account open in China despite criticism of the Asian giant

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, maintains an open bank account in China, where he would have carried out several business projects, despite the numerous criticisms leveled against the Asian giant and an increase in tension in commercial, health and of security.

According to information from the newspaper ‘The New York Times’, which has had access to the financial records of the New York president, China is among the three countries – along with the United Kingdom and Ireland – in which Trump currently has a bank account .

However, the aforementioned newspaper has assured that this account had not been previously declared since it remains active under a corporate name, controlled by the International Hotels Management group. In this sense, Trump would have paid in China $ 118,561 in taxes between 2013 and 2015.

The financial records, however, do not show how much money has moved through the accounts that the president has open abroad, but the Treasury requires all taxpayers to reveal what part of their income comes from third countries.

In the case of the International Hotels Management, there are only a few thousand dollars from China. Alan Garten, one of the group’s lawyers, has refused to reveal the name of the Chinese bank in question, saying that Trump “opened an account to pay taxes while trying to boost his business in the country.”

This information has been published after the president and his allies accused the Democratic candidate for the White House and former US vice president, Joe Biden, of having a “soft” position on China, in part because of his son Hunter’s business in the United States. country.

Republican senators have written a report in which they point out, among other issues, that Hunter would have “opened a bank account” with a Chinese businessman – which would be an indication of his many connections with foreign governments.

However, Trump’s own business record shows numerous overseas deals, some even related to the Chinese government. The American tycoon spent almost a decade trying to carry out a series of projects in the Asian giant.

Trump’s foreign accounts do not appear in your public records, where you must list your personal assets, because they are listed under the names of corporations or companies.

Records show that the president would have invested at least $ 192,000 in five companies to carry out projects in China over several years. These new details are based on the same reports that detailed Trump paid just $ 750 in taxes during his first year in the White House.


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