Biden gains five-point lead over Trump in Texas, poll finds

The Democratic Party candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, has obtained a five point advantage over the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, in the state of Texas, one of the most important fiefs of the Republican Party, for the elections presidential elections scheduled for next November.

According to a poll of voting intention published this Sunday by the newspaper ‘Dallas Morning News’ and the University of Texas, Biden would get 46 percent of the votes in the state, while Trump would keep 41 percent of the support . Additionally, 14 percent of voters are still undecided.

Previously, in a survey conducted in April, Trump and Biden obtained a similar percentage of around 43 percent.

Political scientist Kenneth Bryant, one of the study’s designers, has pointed out that the increased support for former US Vice President Biden is due to the loss of Trump voters between independents and “weak supporters.”

“Although President Trump has and continues to enjoy near-universal Republican approval, and strong disapproval by Democrats, he has lost a sizable chunk of the people in the middle who can finally decide who wins in Texas in November, “said Bryant.

Since the mandate of former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, in 1976, no Democratic presidential candidate has returned to obtain the victory in the state of Texas.

Nationwide, Joe Biden maintains a 12-point lead over Trump in the presidential election, according to a poll on voting intention from Monmouth University.

The poll showed that Biden would get 53 percent of the vote compared to 41 percent of the endorsements the current White House tenant would get. Last month, Monmouth University released results on another poll that gave Biden 52 percent of the ballots compared to Trump’s 41 percent.


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