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Florida and Texas record record death toll from coronavirus

Fauci insists that measures to preserve public health are not the “enemy”

The states of Florida and Texas have recorded record numbers of fatalities as a result of COVID-19, in the context of a constant increase in the numbers of the pandemic in the United States.

As for Florida, the data offered this Thursday by the health authorities of the United States territory shows that 156 additional deaths have been verified, which breaks the record of deaths registered on Tuesday, 132. During the pandemic, a total of 4,677 people have died by COVID-19 in Florida.

In addition, the Florida Department of Health has reported 13,965 additional cases of the disease, which is the second highest number confirmed, after 15,299 additional positives were diagnosed on Sunday. Florida currently has 13,965 infections.

As for Texas, the state health authorities have transferred that there have been 129 deaths in the last 24 hours. The highest number of deaths confirmed so far was 110, which occurred on Wednesday. Thus, the balance of fatalities in Texas has risen to 3,561.

For its part, in terms of new cases, the state has verified 10,291 new cases, which have raised the global count for this North American region to 292,656.

At least 39 states in the United States have reported an increase in their number of new COVID-19 cases from the previous week.

California, Florida, Arizona and Texas are among the new epicenters of the pandemic in the North American country and the increasing number of cases causes a shortage of hospital beds in these regions, as reported by the CNN television network. For their part, Arizona and Texas have begun preparing refrigerated trucks in response to the overflow of the morgues.

In this context, the main person responsible for the fight against the United States coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, insisted on Thursday that public health measures aimed at slowing down the advance of the pandemic are not the “enemy”, at the same time who has criticized that Americans have entered an “unfortunate mindset” by thinking that these restrictions are opposed to the reopening of the economy.

“There has been this unusual and unfortunate mindset, there are public health measures and the economy is recovering, and these are two opposing forces,” he said during a live broadcast conversation he had with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“We should consider public health measures as a vehicle or a gateway to open the country again, to recover the economy, not as an obstacle on the road,” he insisted.

Likewise, he stressed the importance of following phases in the reopening processes, since, otherwise, it is necessary to “think about going back, starting again.”

Finally, he has again recommended to the population that they wear a mask, avoid crowds and stay outdoors, better than indoors. As he pointed out, the use of masks and physical distancing can help reverse the outbreaks that many states experience.

The United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 3.5 million confirmed cases and more than 138,000 deaths.

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