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Judge gives greenlights to publication of John Bolton’s book accusing Trump

A federal court has rejected this Saturday the request of the White House to kidnap the publication of the book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton, in which he accuses the president of the country, Donald Trump, of being unable to carry out the position.

Bolton has been the longest serving National Security adviser with Trump, but in September 2019 he left office – resigned or was dismissed, depending on who tells the story – due to his increasingly evident differences with the President.

Among other accusations, Bolton assures in his book that Trump personally asked his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, for help to be re-elected in the elections, scheduled for November 3.

In the manuscript of the book – which has not yet been published – obtained by the CNN television network, Bolton relates that at a meeting of the G-20 Summit in Osaka in 2019, Trump “surprisingly” directed the conversation towards the US elections, alluding to “China’s economic ability to affect ongoing campaigns, begging Xi to make sure he wins.”

“For reasons that should not even be mentioned, this court is not going to order the kidnapping and destruction of political memoirs,” District Court of Columbia magistrate Royce Lamberth has written in the sentence, according to the US channel CNN. .

After learning of the sentence, Trump has exploded on social media against his former adviser, whom he has described as a “despicable man, who has failed in his mission to protect America, who should never serve in a government again.”

“He was finished until I rescued him and gave him a chance, and then broke the law by releasing Classified Information (in huge amounts). He must pay a steep price for what he has done, like so many before him. This should not happen again! “has denounced the president.

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