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Chinese Communist Party finalizes national security law for Hong Kong

The main legislative body of the Communist Party of China is outlining on Friday the latest aspects of the controversial national security law for Hong Kong, criticized as an attempt to further curtail its partial independence from Beijing by approving the presence of Chinese security agencies. in the territory to persecute, according to the text, any act of “subversion, secession, terrorism and conspiracy with foreign powers”.

The Standing Committee of the Communist Party will give its back to the law once it finishes with the current revision procedure, which is accelerated to reduce as much as possible the number of deliberations, with a view to its final approval and entry into force for the July 1, when it will be 23 years since the return of the territory to China by the United Kingdom, its former colonial power, in 1997.

In addition, the law does not rule out the extradition to mainland China of any detainee by this regulation, in what would mean the recovery of the terms of a past legislation, now suspended, which precisely caused last year the biggest wave of protests seen in Hong Kong since he acquired his current status, explained the Hong Kong delegate of the party’s Standing Committee, Tam Yiu Chung.

The preparatory tour of the law has been completely designed by the Communist Party of China, with hardly any Hong Kong government, which has been isolated without decision-making power in an expression, according to its critics, of the complete dependence of the Executive on the territory and its leader Carrie Lam on the designs of Beijing.

This law, it must be remembered, completely supersedes the Hong Kong regulations stipulated by the territory’s own Congress, whose executive body has been unable to clarify the details of the regulations and has constantly referred the authorities of Beijing for any questions to the respect, alleging lack of information.

The session of the Standing Committee will end next Saturday and the vote will take place later this month, reports the official Chinese portal ‘Global Times’.

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