Biden justifies protests against police brutality but condemns accompanying riots

Preliminary Democratic House candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, has applauded protests called for over the past few days across the country over the death of black citizen George Floyd during a police arrest in Minneapolis – and has led to in the arrest of an officer charged with murder – but has delegitimized the accompanying riots.

“Protesting such brutality is correct and necessary. It is a completely American response. But the burning of communities and the consequent destruction is not. The violence that endangers life is not. The violence that destroys and closes the companies that serve the community is not, “Biden said in a statement published on his Medium website.

Biden has recommended that the act of the protest never obfuscate the reason for it before expressing his full sympathy for both the Floyd family and the victims of the coronavirus crisis in the United States, two phenomena that have caused tension and the sadness of the population.

“I know that such dark and deep pain can sometimes seem too heavy to bear,” lamented the former vice president of the United States under Barack Obama.

“So tonight I ask the United States to join me, not to deny or cover our pain, but to use it to cross this turbulent threshold into the next phase of progress, inclusion, and opportunity for our great democracy,” added.


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