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Nadal: “Those who make decisions in politics do so thinking that there are new elections”

The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal, number two in the world, has assured that he does not believe that it is necessary to seek “a new normal” after the coronavirus pandemic, but that this will be the one that everyone accepts, and he regretted that those who “make decisions in Politics “do it” thinking that there are new elections. “

“I have very clear opinions, but unfortunately I cannot pronounce on whether things are being done well, very well, badly or fatally, because the reality is that what I say in the end is taken as a political issue. We are in a moment so sensitive that everything becomes politicized, “he said in an interview with El País Semanal.

In this sense, he wanted to distance himself from the political parties. “What difference does it make to me if Vox, the PP, Podemos, the PSOE, Ciudadanos or whoever does it well? I do not care Casado, Abascal, Arrimadas, Iglesias or Sánchez. That they take us out of this and that we have the fewer deaths possible and the least economic impact possible, “he said.

“But there is a problem in politics, and that is that those who make decisions, unfortunately, always do so thinking that there are new elections. In an ideal world it would be very positive that, in such a situation, those who made the decisions were the best in every area and without any political aspiration, “he said. “A very complicated future is coming and we are going to need the experience of the best to get out of this,” he added.

In addition, the Balearic said that he does not believe in the concept of “new normality”. “I imagine the tracks and the full stadiums, which is how I like to see them. You have to be patient and find the medicine, but I don’t believe in looking for a new normality. The new normality will be what we accept. we like to see people, hug each other, share with people … and we have to look for this again. We cannot settle for just eternally complying with distancing measures, “he said.

Lastly, he appreciated the initiative of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the WTA and the ATP to help more than 800 tennis players from outside the ‘Top 100’ who have suffered the consequences of the stoppage due to the coronavirus. “I am part of the Players Council and I think we have a responsibility to try to help the sport prevail in the best possible way,” he stressed.

“Different measures have been taken, and one of them is to create a fund for the hundred best players in the world to contribute an amount of money to help the rest of the players, who are having a hard time and are experiencing difficult situations, many ATP workers. This is a fund to help the tennis world in general, not just players. In difficult times you are forced to think about the one who is worse than you, “he concluded.

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