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Concentration ability can be affected by eating a meal rich in saturated fat

The ability to concentrate can be affected by eating a meal rich in saturated fats, according to a study carried out by researchers from Ohio University (United States) and published in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. ‘.

The study compared 51 women who were asked to perform attention tests after eating a diet rich in saturated fat and another high in unsaturated fat. In this way, the experts observed that when they ingested high amounts of saturated fat their concentration capacity was worse, which indicates the link between these fatty foods and the brain.

Likewise, the experts also analyzed whether a condition called leaky gut, which allows intestinal bacteria to enter the bloodstream, had any effect on concentration, proving that it did affect this problem in attention.

“Because both meals were high in fat and potentially problematic, the cognitive effect of a meal high in saturated fat could be even greater compared to a meal low in fat,” the researchers said.

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