Miami Heat players re-train at reopening of their pavilion

The Miami Heat players have returned to individualized training, following the strict NBA security protocol, after the reopening of the AmericanAirlines Arena, the pavilion where they played their seasonal games and which had been closed since March 20 due to the pandemic .

The NBA has already given teams permission to open their facilities for training. For now, the Miami Heat plans to limit workouts at the AmericanAirlines Arena to three days per week and will not reveal the identity or number of players participating, as workouts are voluntary. According to ESPN, 12 of the 17 players on the roster participated in this initial session.

The only three Heat players who have been quarantined outside of South Florida, Jimmy Butler, Andre Iguodala and Solomon Hill, did not return to Miami to begin training, at the expense of learning more about the NBA’s plan for the rest. it’s from the season.

The reopening of the AmericanAirlines Arena training facility brings with it new rules the Heat must follow to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including appointing a staff member to be responsible for all hygiene issues. In Miami, the chosen one has been coach Jay Sabol.

After training, veteran team captain Udonis Haslem said he felt “great at the beginning” of the session, but that “towards the end,” he noted how his legs “got a little tired.” “I have never gone that long without playing basketball in my life,” he said.

“It will be a learning process,” Haslem said of using the practice facility under these restrictions. “It is going to be a work in progress. We listen to doctors, medical staff and everyone about the precautions we must take. As a team, collectively, we must commit to an oath because we must all protect each other in this process,” he warned.


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