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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner traveled to New Jersey against quarantine recommendations

Ivanka, the eldest daughter of United States President Donald Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner, both also advisers to the president, traveled with their three children this week to the New Jersey family golf club against federal travel recommendations non-essential issued by the White House itself.

According to sources in the ‘New York Times’ and later confirmed by the Trump administration itself, the couple celebrated last Thursday the Jewish Passover, the religion that Kushner professes by birth and to which your wife has become, with their three children in the Club Trump National Golf Course in Westminster.

Although from the White House they have clarified that they did not use a commercial flight for their displacement and that there is no type of prohibition against displacement in state or national level, among the measures recommended by presidential experts is to avoid long journeys as far as possible.

Likewise, New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy strongly urged last month to avoid any trips to the state’s luxury residential areas, where many wealthy families in the country have their second home.

Since then, Kushner has returned to Washington D.C. to continue advising the American president while his wife has stayed at the golf club, which is now not operational and has become a large private residence for the couple.

Also on Friday, it has been revealed that the former personal lawyer of Trump, Michael Cohen, will leave the New York prison of Otisville for health reasons, where he is serving a three-year sentence for paying in exchange for his silence to a group of women who had alleged an extramarital relationship with the president, to complete the rest of the sentence at home.

The decision comes after a total of 21 coronavirus cases (14 prisoners, seven employees) were declared at the prison facility where the former presidential lawyer is located.

Cohen was notified Thursday of the start of the process for his release from prison, and remains waiting for the paperwork to finish, his lawyer, Roger Adler, reported to CNN.

However, Cohen will have to remain confined at his home for the remaining time of his sentence, until November 2021, and will be obliged to spend the 14 days following his release under surveillance and quarantine, according to sources close to the case in the same media.

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