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The coronavirus leaves 2.16 million cases and more than 145,000 deaths with 31,500 positives in one day in the US

The North American giant counts more than 670,000 infected people and more than 33,000 deaths

The new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan exceeds 2.16 million cases and leaves more than 145,000 fatalities worldwide, with the United States registering 31,500 cases in the last 24 hours and exceeding 33,000 fatalities in Total on the same day that US President Donald Trump announced the plan to end confinement in three phases.

According to the balance updated at 10:00 am this Friday, the pandemic leaves 2,160,170 people infected and 145,593 fatalities, with the United States as the most affected country, with a total of 671,425 positives and more than 33,000 deaths.

The North American giant grows again above 30,000 positives in a single day, after registering 31,500 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, and accounts for 33,286 deaths from the pandemic.

New York State remains the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States, with a total of 223,691 infected people and 11,477 fatalities. To date, US authorities have conducted more than 3.42 million coronavirus tests.

Spain remains the second country most affected by the number of infections, with 184,948 people infected and 19,315 people dead – pending the update of the balance this Friday by the Ministry of Health – followed by Italy, which accounts for 168,941 people infected and 22,170 fatalities due to Covid-19, the disease derived from the coronavirus.

France climbs to fourth place, with a total of 147,091 cases and 17,941 deaths, thus surpassing Germany, which accumulates 137,698 infections and 4,052 fatalities. The United Kingdom remains the sixth most affected country, exceeding 100,000 cases, with a total of 104,148 infected people and 13,759 deaths from coronavirus.

China, the origin of the pandemic and for months the country most affected in both cases and fatalities, now stands as the seventh most positive, with a total of 83,756 positives and 4,636 fatalities due to coronavirus.

Iran is next, accounting for 77,995 infections and 4,869 deaths from the new coronavirus, while Turkey has a total of 74,193 people infected and 1,643 dead. Belgium, for its part, accumulates 34,809 cases and 4,857 deaths, while Canada and Brazil overcome the barrier of the 30,000 infected for the first time. Specifically, Canada records 30,973 positives and 1,231 deaths and Brazil reaches 30,891 cases with a total of 1,952 fatalities.

The Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland are above 20,000 cases and above the threshold of 10,000 infected are Portugal, Austria, India, Ireland, Israel, Sweden, Peru and South Korea.

Japan exceeds 9,000 cases and Chile and Ecuador 8,000, while Poland, Romania, Denmark and Pakistan already have more than 7,000 positives. Norway, Australia, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Mexico account for more than 6,000 people infected with coronavirus.

For its part, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Serbia, Indonesia and Malaysia accumulate more than 5,000 cases.

Ukraine, Singapore, Belarus, Qatar and Panama have more than 4,000 infected people, ahead of the Dominican Republic, Luxembourg, Finland and Colombia, which have already crossed the threshold of 3,000 infected people.

Thailand, Egypt, Argentina, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Greece and Moldova have more than 2,000 infected people, while Croatia, Iceland, Bahrain, Hungary, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Iraq, New Zealand, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Slovenia , Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, North Macedonia and Oman have over one thousand infections.

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