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The US exceeds 700,000 infected while the world death toll is heading to 155,000

The US records more than 700,000 infected, about 35,000 deaths and 31,500 positives in a single day

The new coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan exceeds 2.24 million cases and leaves more than 154,000 fatalities in 185 countries around the world, again with the United States setting maximum daily cases, registering 30,500 cases in the last 24 hours, to exceed 700,000 and bordering on 31,000 fatalities amid enormous tensions between the Trump administration and the affected states.

According to the balance updated by Johns Hopkins University at 08:30 am this Saturday, the pandemic already leaves 2,244,033 people infected and 154,219 fatalities. The United States has confirmed 702,164 coronavirus cases and is growing above 30,000 positives in a single day, 30,739 more in the past 24 hours.

In terms of deaths, the North American country already has 37,054, an increase of more than 3,760 compared to the previous day, with New York State as, once again, the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, with a total of 229,642 infections and 12,192 fatalities.

Friday’s balance was marked by the open confrontation between the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the country’s president, Donald Trump. Cuomo again criticized the lack of cooperation with the White House, to which Trump responded harshly on his Twitter account, where he accused him of being negligent and incapable. “Let him do more and talk less.”

Spain remains the second country most affected by the number of infections, with 190,839 people infected and, according to the university’s balance, with 20,002 deaths followed by Italy, which accounts for 172,434 people infected and 22,745 fatalities due to Covid-19, the disease derived from the coronavirus.

France climbs to fourth place, with a total of 149,130 ​​cases and 18,703 deaths, thus surpassing Germany, which accumulates 137,349 infections and 4,110 fatalities, here according to the RKI institute. The United Kingdom remains the sixth most affected country, exceeding 100,000 cases, with a total of 109,769 infected people and 14,607 deaths from coronavirus.

China, the origin of the pandemic and for months the country most affected in both cases and fatalities, is now ranked seventh with the most positives, with a total of 83,764 positives and 4,636 fatalities due to coronavirus.

Next is Iran, which accounts for 79,494 infections and 4,958 deaths from the new coronavirus, while Turkey has a total of 78,546 infected people and 1,769 deaths.

Belgium, for its part, accumulates 36,138 cases and 5,163 deaths, while Brazil and Canada cross the barrier of 30,000 infected for the first time. Specifically, Brazil registers 34,221 infected and a total of 2,171 deaths, while Canada records 32,857 and 1,356 deaths.

Russia, with 32,008 cases and 273 deaths, and the Netherlands has also already exceeded 30,000 cases – 30,619, with 3,471 deaths – Switzerland is above 20,000 cases and above the threshold of 10,000 infected are Portugal, Austria , India, Ireland, Peru, Sweden, Israel, and South Korea.

Japan and Chile exceed 9,000 cases and Ecuador, Poland and Romania 8,000, while Pakistan, Denmark and Saudi Arabia already have more than 7,000 positives. Norway, Mexico, Australia, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates count more than 6,000 people infected with coronavirus.

For its part, Indonesia (the most affected country in Southeast Asia), the Philippines, Serbia, and Malaysia accumulate more than 5,000 cases.

Singapore, Belarus, Qatar, Ukraine, Panama and the Dominican Republic have more than 4,000 infected people, ahead of Finland, Luxembourg and Colombia, which have already crossed the threshold of 3,000 infected people.

South Africa, Argentina, Thailand, Morocco, Algeria, Thailand, Egypt, Moldova and Greece have more than 2,000 infected people, while Bangladesh, Hungary, Croatia, Iceland, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Estonia, New Zealand, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan , Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Oman and Cameroon have over one thousand infections.

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