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Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya goes through a voluntary quarantine: “I think that thing hit me.”

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has revealed that he has spent more than two weeks in voluntary quarantine because after a trip to Europe he had symptoms of coronavirus, a disease that he believes he has overcome.

Zelaya told in an interview given in recent hours to Radio América that he was in the European Parliament. “I never imagined the crisis they were experiencing” in Europe, he assured.

On his return, he spent about 15 days with “dry cough and severe body pain”, although he did not have a fever. “I think that thing hit me,” he said, according to the Honduran newspaper ‘El Heraldo’.

For this reason, he underwent a voluntary quarantine of 17 days, “which are the ones that can reproduce the virus.” I already have more than a month of coming, “he said, considering the health crisis to be over.

Honduras, with 15 deaths and 222 confirmed cases of Covid-19, has declared a “national health emergency” and has imposed an “absolute curfew” in the cities most affected by the coronavirus. The president, Juan Orlando Hernández, has asked his compatriots to prepare for “the worst case scenario.”

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