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Bukele accuses the Salvadoran opposition of focusing on the “political slit” in the middle of the pandemic

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has accused the opposition of focusing on the “political slit” to attack the government, rather than focusing efforts on fighting the coronavirus.

Bukele has specifically referred to the case of a Salvadoran who, according to the Government, died in one of the containment centers set up against the coronavirus but for different reasons. His wife, on the other hand, assures that he died due to the lack of attention of health personnel and access to medicines, according to ‘La Prensa Gráfica’.

“That family is suffering and is now being instrumentalized by the opposition. Why instrumentalize the suffering of a woman for the loss of her husband? What will they do when it is not a family, but thousands?”, He asked on Twitter.

In addition, the Salvadoran president has announced that he has ordered the Health Minister, Francisco Alabi, “to approach the family and explain the tragic event with her husband and father.”

Bukele has attributed the opposition’s criticism to “a very dark agenda.” “In a few days we will be facing the toughest battle in our history, but instead of uniting, they seek to attack with everything they can. They salivate for having more material,” he lamented.

Against this, he has defended the government’s management, ensuring that El Salvador is fighting the coronavirus “better even than most countries in the world”, and has asked the opposition to join. “Looking to get political slit we will not succeed. Stop this,” he claimed.

El Salvador is one of the countries least affected by Covid-19, with two deaths and 46 confirmed cases, despite which it has declared a state of emergency that includes a mandatory quarantine.

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